18. Janc


A versatile player regarded as one of European handball's biggest talents

Blaz Janc has enjoyed a successful career to date, and is regarded as one of the top talents in European handball. Born on November 20, 1996, he debuted with Slovenian team Celje Pivovarna in the EHF Champions League aged just 15 years old, in the 2012/13 season. In the competition he scored 67 and 77 goals for his home team, before moving to Polish side Kielce in 2017. With Slovenia, Janc featured in the 2016 Olympic games and won a bronze medal in the 2017 World Cup.


Besides his talent, he is also versatile on the right side. He usually occupies a position high up the court, but can play in a defensive spot as well.

Lieu de naissance
Brežice (Slovenia)
Date de naissance

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