Billets d'Handball

Billets d'Handball

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Barça Handball : Informations sur l'achat de places pour les groupes

Information and reservation for standard groups (more than 6 people):

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Special promotion for school age groups and grassroots teams:

If you are looking for tickets to come with a school age group or grassroots teams, click on the following link and purchase your tickets with special conditions:

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Promotion conditions by school-age groups and grassroots teams:

If you are a group of at least 12 children under 14 years of age, you can enjoy the following advantages:

• Free admission * to children under 14 years old.
• One free companion * for every 12 children (It is essential to add 1 person in charge for every 12 children to be eligible for this promotion).
• Promotion valid for all matches, except matches A + and A ++.

* Management fees of € 1.75 / ticket (Infants included).

Seat location:

Their seats will be located in Lower Zone 3, intended for entertainment groups and the youth zone.

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