Commitment card

How can I become a member if I do not fulfil the requirements for membership?

The Commitment Card allows the holder to apply for full membership after three years.

What advantages does a card holder have during the three year commitment period?

As a Commitment Card holder, you will not have the rights of a full member, but you will enjoy most of the advantages that a member enjoys, with the following important exceptions:

  • You will NOT have the right to vote or participate in consultative processes or at General Assembly*
  • You will NOT have preferential rights in the purchase of tickets either for home or away tickets, nor will you be able to participate in draws for tickets for finals
  • You will NOT be able to have a season ticket for the Nou Camp or the Palau Blaugrana, nor will you be able to put your name down on any waiting list for these tickets - you will NOT be able to take part in the Llotja Oberta (Presidential Box) draw

How much does the card cost?

Membership registration fee is €144, and is valid until 31 December 2021. 

The annual membership fee is €144.

When can i become a full member?

Every year, the holder of the commitment card must perform the renewal process in person at the OAB (Barcelona Supporters Services Office) between June 1 and October 30. If the holder does not come in person to the OAB to ratify the renewal of the commitment card, he/she will lose their status as the holder of the same.

Once you have shown your commitment to the Club for three years, you can make an official application for full Club membership, which the Club will consider in line with general requirements laid down in the Club statutes.

Club membership will be granted in the first period of renovation following the completion of the three year period, which normally occurs in December.

*In general terms, Commitment Card holders do NOT have the rights for members, which are specifically established in the Club statutes.

How can I apply for a card?

Nowadays commitment card are not registered.


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